CAL International a forward thinking and dynamic design consultancy.

CAL-International is one of the most forward thinking and dynamic design consultancies.

Since 2003 the company has  grown from a small partnership between the founders Cliff Kirby and Lee Fogg  working from a small office based on  Stanley Grange Estate in Knowsley to the occupation of much larger offices within the same estate.

Currently this is HQ for a workforce of over thirty five personnel and is curently expanding again.

CAL International also have a European operation based in Katowice Poland which works closely with the team in the UK.

Growth has been due to the engagement of clients from SME’s to Global OEM’s who are attracted to CAL by our vision and our unparalleled capability of taking projects from concept to production and meeting the challenges of ‘total project ownership’. Working from a client defined concept we provide a solution to evolve and develop every aspect of the process to final manufacture.

Lee Fogg CAL Technical Director, comments. “Our success has been due to really listen and understand what the customer wants. We review and take time to fully appreciate how our designs and engineering will impact on the final product that the client is taking to market. We have a wealth of experience with the latest technologies that enables transfer of data in real time so that our clients are fully aware of the progress of the project and we encourage contribution by stakeholders and influencers to have an input into the process at any stage”.

At finalisation of the project CAL, unlike many design houses does not retain the I.P. of the work carried out.

Lee also explained. “At the conclusion of the project all details of the process are passed to the client in it’s entirety, this gives the customer the assurance that they have total ownership of what they have paid for, but our responsibility does not stop there. We are still available to support and work with the client if further work is required”.

The reputation of CAL is being as acknowledged as the ‘go to’ provider of an engineering service that will work with a client to meet aggressive deadlines within restrictive budgets.

To understand the benefits of working with CAL and how we bring added value to your products or process please contact

Business Development Manager, Shaun Tollett

Tel: +44 (0)151 329 3308  or email