CAL international host visit by leading Automotive Manufacturer.

CAL International recently hosted  some important decision makers from a leading automotive manufacturer who are acknowledged as the ultimate in achieving the highest standards of automotive excellence,luxury, quality and prestige.

The intention of the day was to confirm and view the extensive capability of CAL International  from design, test, validation,prototype and production to project delivery and also  to understand how CAL International will be the ideal supplier partner to one of the worlds greatest motor car companies.

There was interest expressed in the future developments that CAL have planned for 2018 which will include a new workshop facility and exclusive and secure test track for further vehicle development.

The evaluation team included  SVO Procurement , Engineering and Quality  they collectively  expressed confidence that CAL would be an ideal partner to deliver many of the future projects being planned!

CAL International work across many sectors including the Automotive industry.

For more information about CAL International please contact  Shaun Tollett


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