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CAL International is a concept to production engineering company based in Knowsley, Merseyside. We combine a wealth of engineering experience and expertise with the latest technologies to create an exciting blend of innovation and delivery.

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Cliff and Lee
the story so far…

Cliff and Lee

Cliff and Lee first met while working at separate ends of the vast design facility at BCP Caterpillar way back in 2002. At that point in time Lee had just stepped foot into the world of Design Consultancy and Cliff was in full time employment as a Design Engineer.

During the time spent at Caterpillar while Cliff and Lee worked on different products and in different areas of design increasingly they found themselves using each other as a sounding board for design ideas and product improvements. Looking back at those early days it was clear then that the basic ingredients and ethos that make CAL the Business it is today was apparent then.

While Caterpillar was a great opportunity for both Cliff and Lee it was a long way from their homes in the North West of England so the journey home had to start somewhere.

Working their way up the Country they completed successful projects with Blue Chip OEMs such as Perkins Engines, and Rolls Royce Defence.

Time rolls forward and while working on a number of projects for Scott Safety (at the time a Tyco Company) the size and the scale of the CAL opportunity was too obvious to ignore. Dedicating all of the time and resource to one client was proving a challenge, and additional business opportunities were being missed.. It was at that point that CAL took the bold decision to move from the in business contract consultancy approach to a multi-business offsite consultancy.

What CAL is now is a direct result of all of the experiences of the past.
Cliff and Lee were determined to create a collaborative environment were all of the team feel part of the journey. The aim has always and will always be to offer the clients a complete Engineering solution, and to add as much value as possible to any project or product engaged with. Very simply to be seen as a partnership by CAL’s clients rather than additional resource.

May of 2018 will mark 3 years since Cliff and Lee took the decision to move outside of the conventional.. While in those early months of tireless hours of conversation bringing the new CAL concept to clients were not the easiest.. They were absolutely worth it now as we look in the rear view mirror at the thriving boutique Engineering Consultancy with a FIRST CLASS team of people here at CAL who make a difference to our company and Our clients.

we are

  • A Tier 1 Consultancy Supplier to a number of global OEM’s.
  • Incorporated in 2003, CAL International originally focused on sub contract design projects for large OEM clients and has quickly developed a reputation for delivering engineering solutions at all levels on time and on budget.
  • A well-kept Industry secret for over ten years, originally dedicating project resource to one client at a time, CAL International has become known for delivering specific and innovative solutions for turn key projects.
  • Work with clients from concept/specification through to implementation with full support and engagement every step of the way.
  • Expanded to be able to support multiple clients across multiple disciplines simultaneously.
  • A passionate, energetic, and responsive Engineering Business focusing on all aspects of the development process from concept to production and everything in between.
  • A dynamic Engineering Business maximising cloud based technology to work with our clients.
  • A forward thinking, innovative design and engineering organisation with the engineering skills, expertise and experience to support your projects.


Liverpool City Region LEP

Regional & National
(UK Government and EU)

• Active Associate of the Liverpool LEP for Engineering and Manufacture.
• Panel member of the high value advanced manufacturing steering group.

Core Business Solutions

(Management consultation)

• Working with CAL International as part of their strong business network of partnerships with key organisations throughout the North West.

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

(Professional Bodies)

• CAL International’s CEO sits on the advanced Engineering panel for the City of Liverpool and Merseyside.
• The panel encourages Engineering businesses to work with the global market to offer complete solutions to the UKs global clients and partners.

Knowsley Chamber of Commerce

(Engineering and Manufacturing)

• CAL International’s CEO is taking post on an board hosted by Knowsley Chamber of Commerce which will include Directors from Jaguar Land Rover and Ford Getrag.

St Helens Chamber of Commerce

(Development and Training)

• CAL International are engaged with St Helens Chamber to develop an Engineering Development Scheme, bringing new Engineering talent into the CAL International through apprenticeships to talented and motivated young adults with a passion for all things engineering.



Cliff Kirby


A Mechanical engineering graduate.  Cliff started his career as a technical apprentice with a subsidiary company of Leyland Vehicles.  At the age of twenty four Cliff took the decision to step into the world of business.

Working on many large scale new product introductions for the likes of Rolls Royce Defence, Caterpillar, and Tyco to name but a few.

Cliff has a track record that boasts a number of multi-million dollar product launches, alongside a series of value engineering and cost reduction programs, and initiatives generating seven figure savings,  to a number of global OEM's.

Very familiar with managing multi-disciplined teams, Cliff’s focus is to drive a holistic approach in all aspects of the CAL businesses to offer maximum value to its clients, in order to build, grow, and maintain strong partnership with its clients.


Lee Fogg

Technical Director

A time served and coded welder, Lee cut his engineering teeth working in and on commercial vehicles with Plaxton Vehicles.  Not satisfied with manufacturing and implementing other people’s designs Lee stepped into the world of design in his early twenties.  Spending a number of years designing and implementing large scale projects with Plaxtons, Lee established his own design consultancy in his late twenties.

Following the incorporation date Lee has won a number of repeat contracts and is responsible for significant areas of design innovation for global OEM's such as Bentley Motors, Leyland Trucks, Caterpillar and Perkins Engineers.

Lee’s extensive knowledge of product design, development, and launch gives Lee a total understanding of the concept to production process.  Lee believes passionately in the need to innovate and the best products are often the simplest.


Andy Shilladay

Automotive Director

With over 20 years’ experience Andy is the Automotive Director with a background in high end automotive development and has worked with several OEM's including JLR and VW group to name a few!

He has comprehensive experience of the Project Management and full vehicle/system engineering delivery behind automotive and motorsport development with key competencies in strength and durability engineering, chassis and powertrain development, full vehicle and platform engineering.

Andy understands the interactions and limitations between real world testing, simulations and off line test work and where the improvements can be made and is fully conversant with current techniques for delivery of automotive work.


Adam Wanat

CAL Europe Operations Manager

Adam studied at the University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

With a wealth of experience, he has worked for a large Tier 1 supplier as a Supplier Quality Engineer where developing numerous commodities, approving production processes, solving quality problems and also working with crisis situations.

At CAL Europe, Adam heads up the Polish operation and the company is creating innovating concepts and solutions, working closely with the team at CAL UK on delivering products to budget and to timescales.

Our specialists

CAL International has highly skilled specialists which can be brought to your project depending on your requirements and briefing. Our skill sets include automotive, security systems, oil and gas, bespoke micro scale design and safety systems.