CAL International’s automotive engineers are OEM experienced in delivering project work at a full vehicle, system or component level and have a wealth of project management experience within the industry, having managed projects across a variety of OEMs, market sectors and engineering functions. CAL International can support you from the concept and system development through to the simulation, the validation and testing up to project and supplier management. Our engineers are experienced in Full Vehicle, Chassis, Powertrain, BIW and trim engineering delivery encompassing:

  • Technical specification
  • Engineering delivery for parts or systems
  • Complete CAD design
  • Surfacing
  • Management of prototype delivery for parts or systems
  • Development and integration of active systems
  • Concept design and development

Our automotive section are fully conversant with the tools and development processes and project management techniques that OEMs utilise to deliver engineering projects. These include experience in Attribute Ownership and Part / System Ownership. With this experience, we can quickly integrate with the project management of any chosen vehicle programme.

Our engineers are experienced in:

  • VW Group PEP (Product Emergence Process) including the AEKO and ECR processes and the core development and project management processes
  • JLR PCDS (Product Creation & Delivery System) engineering delivery process including AIMS, RMDV2 and RTC

CAL International will always tailor planning and project implementation to the challenges and complexity of the programme requirements working within the processes that our clients use so the project and management dovetails with the expectation of our clients. Our project management is always holistic and hands-on.