Durability has become one of the leading customer facing attributes. Vehicles now last longer than ever before. CAL International has durability engineers with significant experience with several major OEMs who have led or supported in key ways the durability and durability development.

CAL International can support both on site and off site for OEM durability delivery as well as for Tier suppliers;

  • Ownership and management of the durability attribute on behalf of the customer
  • Testing & validation services for component and system
  • Full vehicle validation management and delivery from a structural, environmental and system robustness aspect including Chassis, Body and Powertrain structures and major systems and their interactions
  • Driven durability validation on road & track
  • Test development and specification
  • Structural rig test development
  • Full vehicle testing
  • RLD delivery from requirements to final data delivery and cascade
  • Rig testing management for full vehicle and attribute required system testing
  • Development of processes and techniques for delivery of durability