Computer Aided Design

CAL International offers a full range of CAD services from low level detail drawing to high level complex geometry 3D modelling. Our Engineers are fully qualified and trained to use multiple CAD platforms to produce high quality designs which are owned entirely by our clients.


We support CAD projects across a variety of industries including, Life Safety Products, Oil and Gas, Automotive and Commercial Vehicle, Civil Engineering and Construction.

Our experience with large organisations means we are acutely aware of the need for high quality CAD data that will “check in” to our clients’ data management system. Our processes mean that no CAD data will be released to our clients containing external geometries or missing references. All our CAD is created from first features and is fully modifiable by our clients.

  • Paper drawings to CAD.
  • 2D to 3D conversions.
  • 3D modelling.
  • 2D detailing.
  • Data conversion (CAD system to CAD system).
  • Data conversion (scanned data to CAD system).
  • Reverse Engineering where the drawings may have been misplaced or outdated over time and the only base line is the physical product.
  • Support to full mechanical design projects.