CAL International can support any vehicle development program with driven testing. Our leading specialist engineers are experienced in many aspects of driven testing and assessments both on road and on track and this service can be provided as part of an overall development package or as an individual item. Our test drivers are experienced with several test facilities, circuits and at all vehicle speeds.

  • Road Load Data Acquisition driving
  • Durability mileage accumulation on road and track
  • Development driving
  • Validation testing
  • Subjective / Objective assessments
  • Attribute and target setting assessments
  • Driven benchmarking
  • Misuse testing management and delivery

Vehicle benchmarking is becoming more integral into vehicle development at both a full vehicle, attribute and system/component level and is now an essential tool in making products both unique and competitive.

We believe that knowledge and understanding is the basis for rational decision making and objective target setting. We promote benchmarking as a knowledge management tool, identifying best practices and helping our customers determine where their future product targets should sit compared to the best-in-class competition.

CAL International’s automotive department can support OEM’s and Tier organisations by delivering benchmarking services against engineering and attribute requirements to understand, strengthen or develop vehicles and allow for strategic decisions to be taken during development to allow for a more targeted product.