Product lifecycles are reducing and organisations need to embrace continuous innovation. There is a need to optimise R&D spend but a new methodology to manage rising costs is needed. Emerging markets are becoming an important factor but a vast number of products need to be localised and their costs need to be reduced.

CAL International holds expertise in:

• Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VA/VE) projects
• Cost reduction programs
• Competitor analysis
• Design optimisation
• Manufacturing optimisation

VA/VE is an innovative and effective way of reducing product costs whilst also improving key supplier relations and improving product quality. These improvements can be driven both internally to your organisation and externally with your suppliers allowing for cost reductions all round whilst still maintaining profitability.


Working with CAL International can help you change the way you approach product cost reduction, change the way you look at your supply base, and provide valuable results. CAL International will look at your products and supply chain from a unique perspective allowing for;

• Time-to-market reduction
• Reduce piece cost and total assembly costs
• Improve operational performance
• Improve product quality, designs and supplier relations
• Reduce manufacturing costs
• Improved customer-supplier relations
• Cost avoidance on future programs
• Reduction in product variations
• Current functionality maintained at a lower cost
• Increase in margins
• Functionality increase
• Technology Adoption

CAL International can identify and eliminate areas of high cost and improve the profitability of a product by creating alternatives that perform the required function at a lower total cost.