CAL International Design Apprentice, Ash Daluwattage, currently studies a HNC in Mechanical Engineering at St Helens College, originally joining the level 2 Diploma in Engineering Technologies: Mechanical Engineering. Ash’s proficiency and interest in the subject saw him successfully progress on to the level 3 Diploma before securing an apprenticeship with CAL in Knowsley.

Ash, who is an aspiring Aerospace Engineer, is originally from Sri Lanka, lived in Modena, Italy, from the age of 7 and then at 16, moved to the UK with his family. Ash’s ambition to become an engineer became a key driving force behind their move to the UK.

His enthusiasm and impressive practical skills soon became apparent on the course. Mechanical Engineering tutor, David Pye, commented, “Ash is a fantastic and dedicated student. His attention to detail and drive to learn, has led him to where he is today. He was always taking part in extracurricular activities to assist his future ambitions, which shows his true determination and love of engineering.”

Since beginning his apprenticeship with CAL International, Ash has shown constant enthusiasm, impressive initiative and fantastic practical skills and knowledge of engineering. CAL are currently funding his HNC in Mechanical Engineering at St Helens College, enabling him to further his knowledge and skill set.

Technical Director at CAL International, Lee Fogg, added “Ash was our fifth addition to CAL`s engineering apprentice team and has fitted in very well. He is enthusiastic, has a great work ethic and a willingness to learn. Ash is a very polite well-mannered young man and CAL are proud to have him as part of our team. CAL are huge supporters of the apprentice programme as without young new talent coming into the business it would be challenging to grow. St Helens college play a big part in this process and CAL are keen for this relationship to continue.”

With CAL International, Ash and the team of apprentices have had the amazing opportunity to gain impressive experience, working with high profile clients such as Rolls Royce, 3M and NeedleSmart. As part of his role, he develops and researches new ideas that will improve existing designs and processes across a variety of industries such as automotive, chemical, aerospace and packaging.


CAL International’s apprentice programme is of great importance to the company. The next generation of engineers bring the latest knowledge, fresh ideas and passion to the engineering industry and are an integral part of the CAL team.

Looking to the future, Ash is hoping to progress on to the HND in Mechanical Engineering at St Helens College, before continuing on to university to complete a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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