We conducted an interview with Bachir, CAL International’s University Summer Placement student, to find out more about him and his time with CAL. Bachir is currently two years into a three year course studying Mechanical Engineering (BEng) at Leeds University. He has spent six weeks with CAL International on a Summer Work Experience Placement!


What were you doing prior to your placement at CAL International?

I am currently studying a degree in Mechanical Engineering (BEng) at Leeds University. Prior to my six week Summer Placement here at CAL, I was gaining a weeks worth of work experience at another engineering consultancy company. There, I had a similar opportunity as I have been given here, applying my theoretical knowledge of Mechanical Engineering into practical skills.


What inspired you to pursue engineering as a career?

Engineers are problem solvers, and as a child I was always intrigued as to how I could solve any mechanical problems that my bike or my Dad’s car might have had. I would always find myself wondering how things were made and what the reasons behind the design of the marvellous engines in my Dad’s cars were. All of this inspired me to learn more about the intricacies of machines, which encouraged me to apply to the University of Leeds for their Mechanical Engineering course.


What projects have you been doing day-to-day at CAL International?

I have been fortunate enough to work on several projects during my time at CAL International. I built a desalination unit powered purely by solar energy. This project was aimed at building the portfolio of Nexus Eco and was designed to be deployed to remote areas where fresh water is not available, which is a staggering 35% of the World’s population. This project has been very exciting as I was able to enhance my previous knowledge of solar energy and apply it to different fields.


What have you learnt from your placement?

From spending six weeks here at CAL, I have learnt how important team collaboration is and how it ultimately leads to great results. The way the CAL International team work together is very inspiring. Employees who have varying skill sets and who come from different engineering backgrounds come up with amazing solutions by working together!


What have you enjoyed most about your time at CAL International?

I have most enjoyed learning a new CAD system, learning a range of new skills and being able to seek advice from experienced engineers who are leaders in their specific fields.


What are your plans for the future once graduating University?

After graduating from Leeds University, I plan to do a masters degree at a London University in Artificial Intelligence (AI). After that, I hope to work for an Engineering Consultancy company where I can apply my skills and experiences in the exciting Engineering Industry!


Lee Fogg, CAL International’s Technical Director, wished to also speak about Bachir’s time with the company.

“CAL International welcomed Bachir to our engineering team as part of a summer work experience placement. Bachir is an extremely capable young man with an impressive level of engineering knowledge. We were thrilled with just how quickly he became a part of the team, and the quality of work produced during the six weeks he spent with us.

“With minimal supervision, Bachir quickly understood the project and it’s deliverables. Adding further to this impressive appraisal, Bachir had to contend with learning Creo, (a new CAD system to him) during his placement. Many of Bachir’s ideas and designs were incorporated into the final project design.

“CAL International wish Bachir the best of luck in his final year studying at Leeds University and every success in the future. CAL International’s door will always remain open to Bachir, and we look forward to the possibility of working with him again in future.”


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