CAL International exhibited at All About Stem’s Big Bang Fair NW 2019 in July. The exhibition for school pupils saw a number of sponsors and exhibitors hosting fantastic interactive activities and competitions to inspire and engage the next generation of STEM professionals.

CAL International held a go kart pit-stop challenge on the day, where teams of 2 pupils needed to remove the tyres form a go kart using spanners, swap them with their partner on the other side of the go kart and then refit them. The challenge was held in two age categories, year seven to nine and year ten to eleven. The prize for the quickest time of the day in each category was a 3D printer for their school!

In the year seven to nine category, the winners were Academy@Worden with an amazing time of 56 seconds! This was the fastest time of the day, even quicker than the winner of the older age category! After contacting the school to let them know the great news, a number of the CAL International team, including design apprentice, Nigel, visited the school to present them with their 3D printer.

The presentation took place in the school’s design technology workshop, where the printer will live and be well used! The two boys who were responsible for the winning time on the day of the challenge were also presented with their own individual prizes, which were an electronic vernier calliper and an engineer’s reference handbook which, which they can use if they wish to pursue a career in engineering!

Thank you to the staff at Academy@Worden for making us feel so welcome and congratulations again on winning the 3D printer!

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