During the national lockdown and following months, we have been working to relaunch the CAL brand bringing a fresh, updated quality to the company and bringing it more in line with our newly honed offerings. We have expanded our amazing team by recruiting new specialists in order to grow bigger as an organisation whilst still keeping our bespoke, personal touch.

The CAL website has been redesigned to have a sleek, easy to follow layout and highlights our newly defined core and specialist services. We have also restructured the business and appointed project managers who are all experts in their specific fields.


CAL International was established in 2005 and our overarching offering is cutting edge engineered solutions. We do this by combining traditional engineering precision with the latest technologies to create an exciting blend of innovation and design.


For more information about our services or to begin your next engineered project, contact us today by;

visiting cal-international.com

emailing enquiries@cal-international.com

calling +44 (0)151 315 0490

messaging us on twitter @CALenquiries or Linked In @CAL International.