At CAL, we offer cutting edge engineered solutions by combining traditional engineering precision with the latest technologies to create an exciting blend of innovation and design.

Technology advances at a bewildering rate but all good engineering solutions are based on sound engineering principles. The CAL integrated team is made up of a wide range of sector and technology specialists to deliver the perfect solution.

CAL’s core services include Design Innovation, Design Optimisation, Reverse Engineering & Validation and Production Management.

Design Innovation

Modern design innovation is a creative process built on years of experience aligned with an up to date understanding of the latest systems and solutions. For pure mechanical design we have the ‘grey hairs’ but just as importantly we assess each new job as an integrated team so we can be as innovative in our options as we are in our solutions.
CAL International has the reach to include the most cutting edge technology options from around the world.

Design Optimisation

CAL has an excellent engineering pedigree and sometimes simply applying sound engineering principles can deliver remarkable results. Our New Product Introduction (NPI) Team have extensive experience in delivering solutions with an full life maintenance strategy.

The CAL team stays abreast of the latest technology that can be deployed to improve incumbent engineering solutions extending their life cycle and delivering clear ROI.


Reverse Engineering & Validation

The CAL team can reverse engineer and document the entire solution or just a few key components, to put you back in control of the maintenance schedule. If you then need us to convert the technical documents into spare parts as part of the Preventative Maintenance Schedule, no problem that’s what our NPI team is here for.


The same CAL team also provide a Design Consultancy service. Sometimes it’s important to get a second opinion so for clients who have their own design team, the CAL design validation team are ready to provide external validation or documentation.


Reverse Engineering & Validation | CAL InternationalProduction Management

As a privately owned company we can agree innovative commercial contracts to spread CAPEX investment costs in accordance with your cashflow.


Our software development team ensure that all control applications are seamless integrated into the process workflow. We are strong advocates of Cloud Basing and mobile applications.
Our in house Intellectual Property rights legal team can help you get protection for innovative concepts.

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