CAL International’s CEO, Cliff Kirby, graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002, established a Design Consultancy in 2003 and worked with, and alongside, blue-chip companies such as Rolls Royce, Caterpillar, Tyco Inc, 3M, and Leyland Trucks. Building strong working relationships, creating unique working partnerships and having an intrinsic understanding of the development process, Cliff took direct responsibility for a number of turnkey projects successfully delivering in excess of £30 Million of new product to market for global clients.

Cliff now has a number of business interests in the Liverpool City Region (LCR) and sits on the board of Knowsley Chamber, the LCR board of Health and Life Sciences and is an active member of the LCR Engineering landscape.

CAL has recently rebranded and restructured, launching a new website and releasing a refined set of core and specialist services.

CAL offer curing edge engineered solutions by combining traditional engineering precision with the latest technologies to create an exciting blend of innovation and design.

Our newly honed core services are:

  • Engineering Innovation
  • Engineering Optimisation
  • Reverse Engineering & Validation
  • Production Manegement

Design Development is central to CAL’s ethos, integrating cutting edge technology and software with precision engineering to deliver innovative solutions. Cliff and the CAL team also understand that customer service is key. We know that progress leads to unexpected challenges and so we treat our clients as partners, working together to solve the whole problem and not just the initial request.

Cliff added “CAL provides a number of specialist services across a wide variety of sectors and regions. We deliver high quality, innovative integrations between cutting edge technology and engineered solutions and the rebrand and new website reflect this perfectly.”

For more information about our services or to begin your next engineered project, contact us today by;



calling +44 (0)151 315 0490

messaging us on twitter @CALenquiries or Linked In @CAL International.