Ormskirk Rugby Club are fundraising in an effort to raise a small amount of money to help with continuing overheads. Like many organisations, Covid-19 has impacted their club including their regular weekend rugby and their bar having to shut.

The club has tried to continue as best as it can during this difficult year, however they know that any additional float will greatly aid this and ensure they can continue to thrive into 2021.

In an effort to raise funds, the club’s members decided that they would take part in either running or moving 5k a day for the entirety of November. So far, they are thrilled with the response and are so grateful for the amount of people donating to their cause, however they know that every little helps and so are continuing to push for the last part of the month.

They are now also going to be holding a club raffle (details to follow on their page) to help in raising some extra funds.

CEO of CAL International, Cliff Kirby, and the company have supported Ormskirk Rugby club for years (as you can see from the images) and would love to get behind their fundraising efforts and spread the word throughout the community.

If you would like to donate, please visit https://bit.ly/2ISoOuk

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