“Automation is set to revolutionise many sectors of the economy and so there is an increasing need for more flexible and diverse workforces. Individuals should be empowered to learn the skills that they need to be able to thrive in the industries they wish to work in. This is why I feel apprenticeships are vital to all companies in all industries, not only for the individual involved but for the business too.

“Apprenticeships are often thought of as being for young people and school leavers, and most of our apprentices at CAL International fit into this bracket, however age should not be a barrier for those wishing to take on apprenticeships. All apprentices play a vital role in boosting a company’s productivity, help in delivering technology of the future and often challenge an organisation to do things in new, innovative ways. All of this we have seen from our fantastic CAL International apprentices.

“The engineering apprentices at CAL are passionate and solution driven, really playing a decisive role in helping our company compete in the modern workplace. Industry research has found 77% of employers agreed that taking on apprentices helped make their organisations more competitive and other findings stated that 8 out of 10 customers prefer to buy from companies which employ apprentices.

“The UK is suffering from a skills gap at the moment, meaning it can be hard to fill vacancies. Hiring apprentices at CAL International has been invaluable as we have been able to develop them into the fantastic engineers that we would like them to be for our company and equipping them with the specific skills that are required in our field of work, therefore investing in our business as a whole. To any organisation considering beginning an apprenticeship programme, I would highly recommend it.”

– Cliff Kirby, CEO CAL International


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