Automotive engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering which incorporates elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering which is applied to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycles, automobiles, trucks an their respective engineering subsystems.

At CAL International, we specialise in concept level consultancy, providing additional specialist automotive design capacity at the exact moment you need it, reinforcing your concept design stage, ensuing that your solutions are future proved and platform centric rather than an expensive one off.  

We understand modern automotive design and so we understand where our clients need support.  We work with both OEM’s and automotive modification engineers. For the OEMs, we provide on-call capacity to fully develop the early concepts whilst for the automotive modification engineers, we support them by applying best practice to modifying the OEMs initial concept for specialist use such as stretch limousines or all terrain variants.

As a high-end technology led design agency, we combine traditional engineering precision with the latest technologies to create an to deliver an end to end service from Concept Optioneering and Finite Element Analysis through to prototyping and production support.

The CAL International automotive design team is an integrated team that covers all aspects of automotive design, rather than writing an exhaustive list of all the services we deliver, it’s easier to just say that we will own the problem from inception to completion. We describe ourselves as a Concept Level Consultancy because we know that the earlier we engage in the design process, the better the final result will be.

CAL work both nationally and internationally, focusing on our individual client and their needs not simply the task at hand. We ensure that we fully understand your problem in order to apply our wider engineering and technology experience to offer innovative and cost effective solutions.

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