At CAL International, we are industry leaders in combining precision engineering with system integration sensors, servos and robotic arms to improve accuracy, speed and costs through production line automation.

Production line automation (PLA) is now routine and will become even more important as companies look for the assurance of domestic suppliers.  The price of highly versatile robotic arms has dropped considerably, and system integrations with the myriad of modern technologies and sensors means that virtually any process that humans can do, can be done faster, cheaper and more accurately using the right production line automation.

Here, problems can arise, as there are a bewildering array of technological options and many ‘specialists’ have exclusive relationships with key technology providers, meaning they often do not necessarily explore all options. To deliver a successful Production Line Automation solution you must have a strong engineering pedigree as sound engineering is the bedrock of success.  To deliver a robust PLA solution, the eye catching technology must be strictly integrated within a sound engineering framework.

At CAL International, we have a multi-discipline Design Innovation team led by an experienced engineer to examine every new request, and their role is to produce a number of options to present back to the client with both benefits and constraints. Once the best option has been selected, we build the solution using the latest simulation and FEA techniques to ensure the solution is optimised for very condition and its full life cycle. Finally, we design a proactive maintenance schedule to ensure that we can deliver on the ‘up time’ guarantee that you will rightly demand.

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CAL International are modern engineering consultancy that combines high-quality traditional engineering principles with cutting edge technology to provide innovative solutions. We have a highly experienced team of engineers available for any projects, large or small.

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