Electrical engineers are at the forefront of emerging technology throughout history, including artificial intelligence, sustainable power systems and nanotechnology. They impact our lives daily in ways we often do not realise, from power grids to mobile phones, light bulbs to GPS, electrical engineers have a hand in so much of the technology and modern items we take for granted and have truly informed and connected the world.

Many industries have been completely transformed with electrical engineering, especially in more recent years. Here are some examples of industries where electrical engineering has been essential and has greatly contributed to society as we know it.


One of the biggest contributions to society of all for electrical engineering has to be their contribution to the medical industry. Electrical engineers not only ensure operations and the day to day life in hospitals continue without power failure, but also are crucial to the modernisation of the medical field including designing concepts that help medical practice to advance exponentially. Examples of this are the implanted pacemaker in 1950, advancement of various transplants in the 1980s and the amazing enhancement in chemotherapy treatments in the 1990s.

Electrical engineers in the medical industry quite literally save lives, contributing to the modernisation of diagnostic tools and surgery as well as being involved in ongoing research on brain implants to repair cognitive function, artificial hearts and nano robotic devices.


Electrical engineers are crucial to the construction industry, overseeing and managing the electrical aspect of construction by directing activities and providing electrical advice.

If electrical problems arise, electrical engineers are then responsible for resolving these issues in a quick and safe manner and with minimal expense where possible, avoiding disruption and delay in construction. Electrical engineers also must perform electrical safety testing on any systems designed to ensure they are efficient and that they comply with local and national safety codes.

Smart Technology

Modern advances in technology mean we are becoming more connected each day, with smart technology touching many aspects of our lives such as smart phones, smart appliances, smart cars and voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri. The Internet of Things is a truly revolutionary development, linking machines, processes, data and people in a way that enables us to perform tasks in a convenient and smart way.

Electrical engineers help devise and develop codes and programmes that allow smart devices to communicate with each other accurately, clearly and quickly as well as ensuring systems run smoothly in manufacture.

These are just a few industries that electrical engineers impact daily, however every aspect of society and the way we live our lives would not be possible without electrical engineers and the amazing, technical and ground-breaking work they do. From the laptops we work on, the televisions we watch and the cars we drive to the appliances we cook our food with, the central heating that keeps us warm and the light bulbs that illuminate our houses at night, electrical engineers really do benefit society in almost every way. Our lives simply would not be the same without electrical engineers and we should all be excited for the possibilities that electrical engineers bring to our futures.

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