New Product Introduction (NPI) is the process that takes an idea from an initial concept through to the final product including the commercial, IP, legal, operational, marketing, sales and maintenance considerations. CAL International has brought a number of products to reality from small components as part of our Pre-emptive Maintenance programme to highly complex, industry leading MedTech solutions such as NeedleSmart.

CAL have developed market leading, patented needle destruction technology. The NeedleSmart PRO needle destruction device has recently achieved FDA approval as a Class II medical device. NeedleSmart is the first UK company to achieve FDA 510(k) approval (Class II for Sharps Needle Destruction Device (NDD).

NeedleSmart devices have been specially designed and engineered by CAL to heat sharp, contaminated needles to 1,300°C, then compress the molten metal into a safe, sterile sphere of metal at the end of the syringe, removing the danger of needlestick injury and infection in just 6 seconds.

As well as contributing to the reduction of needlestick injuries and their consequential costs, the process has the potential to reduce the cost and increase efficiency of used needle disposal. 

NeedleSmart’s innovative technology offers the opportunity to move hypodermic needles, syringes and consumables associated with the injection/vaccination process, away from conventional sharps bins to a solution that allows recycling to become a possibility.

NeedleSmart technology heats the needle to an excess of 1300°C, meaning all potential harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria adhering to the needle will be killed.

Compressing the needle also significantly reduces the needle footprint leading to a minimum of 50% increase in needle count per sharps bin.

NPI requires a substantial investment of time and resources as careful planning goes into each individual step. The CAL team is ready to manage the production of simple components or to support clients through the end to end process that will include sales and business personnel alongside the various solution design team members.

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