Engineering as a career and industry is ever changing with in recent years, the demand for emerging technologies and technological advancements increasing by the day. Engineers will be required to do even more in the future, meaning there will be an increase in the demand for innovative engineering and different types of engineers. Some of the industries that are going to be more prevalent in engineering in the future include:


For generations we have been living with an ageing population, which means a need to develop or improve equipment, solutions and devices that help tackle the medical and health issues that are associated with this. Biomedical engineers, along with other innovation and New Product Introduction engineers, will be required to come up with and improve upon new designs and iterations of medical diagnostic devices such as MRI machines and safety devices for medical staff as well as prosthesis and organs.


All engineers who deal with the physical world should be concerned about the impact that they are having on the planet. It is likely that we will begin to see a lot more ‘green’ solutions across the engineering industry due to the ever increasing need for sustainability and environmental protection.

Examples of this in action include environmental engineers continuing to look at alternative, renewable energy-generation solutions and civil engineers considering alternative building materials in order to have less environmental impact. Architects are also doing their best to help engineers build green structures by providing more eco-friendly building designs.

In addition to helping lower the cost of construction, these methods and strategies being used going forwards are creating cleaner and healthier environments for us all to live in.

Data Transfer and Information Sharing

I think we can all agree that the world is now well and truly run through the internet, with it now being possible to access almost any services online, from government agencies to universities. As we continue to make services data and information widely available online through a number of different devices, computer engineers must ensure these channels of data and information work as expected, are secure and continue to improve.

Computer engineers are also, and will be increasingly, responsible for online solutions that allow data sharing for fun, such as developments to social media and gaming in order to create the most connected and efficient world possible through emerging technologies and artificial intelligence.

It is safe to say that the future of engineering is bright, not only for the reasons we have mentioned here but across almost all industries globally. Technological advances in engineering can only improve and ultimately benefit us all, improving the way we live our lives on a daily basis.

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