About us

Who we are

CAL International is a concept to production engineering company based in Knowsley, Merseyside and Katowice, Poland.

We combine a wealth of engineering experience and expertise with the latest technologies to create an exciting blend of innovation and design.

What we do

As a tier Consultancy incorporated in 2003, CAL focused on sub contract design projects for large OEM clients and quickly developed a reputation for delivering engineering solutions at all levels on time and on budget.

A well-kept industry secret for over fifteen years, originally dedicating project resources to one client at a time. CAL has now expanded to be able to support multiple clients across multiple disciplines simultaneously and become known for delivering specific and innovative solutions for turn key projects, along with maximising cloud-based technology to work with clients.

A passionate, energetic and responsive Engineering Business focusing on all aspects of the development process from concept to production and everything in between.


CAL International has a vision to create a comfortable and focused environment which allows the independence to deliver opportunities that no other company can match. CAL is a unique engineering family who give opportunities to help develop young engineers.

Working proudly with St Helens college, CAL offer young engineers to do an apprentice over a 4 year period, working towards an HNC Level 4 degree in mechanical engineering.

Placement students

Over the past two years, CAL International have began to employ placement Design Engineering students from Liverpool John Moore’s University, providing them with the opportunity to learn from people with years, sometimes decades of experience. This is a great opportunity for them to get a head start on their future design careers and help them to gather further knowledge before finishing their final year of University.

1. Idea

2. Product design

3. Engineering

4. Quality & testing

5. Supply chain

6. Production