High Security Compound & Fencing


Nexus Eco

The patented Nexus Fence Line System can be erected without the use of foundations or ground preparation and provides a serious security deterrent. The design has versatile and flexible construction for rapid deployment, infinite size and shape configurations and a modular high security design.

Imposing design, offering maximum deterrent and presence 5m high maximum-security mesh panels, topped with over-hanging anti climb rotating spikes and razor wire. Included in the design is a security post option for “off grid” lighting and se-curity detection features. The semi-permanent structure is disassembled, reconfigured and relocated with ease.

The mesh panels are manufactured by UK Police and Prison service approved supplier and preferred product. All products manufactured by Nexus-Eco approved supply partners complying with ISO 9001 accreditation. All products are galvanized to European standard EN 10326.