NeedleSmart has developed a market-leading technology that heats hypodermic needles into a molten state, prior to compressing it into a ball. The process takes just a fraction of a second to create a safe, sealed sphere of sterile metal that is no longer sharp!

The NeedleSmart product addresses two major issues for global healthcare systems, the safety of the healthcare staff and the escalating compliance cost of disposing of post procedural needles.

The NeedleSmart product is designed as a sealed chamber storing needles and syringes in a sterilised safe form and it efficiently minimizes the possibility of post procedural Needle Stick Injury (NSI).

NeedleSmart Original Sketch
NeedleSmart Benefits

The NeedleSmart product heats the needles inserted to an excess of 1300 degrees °C which will kill potential harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria adhering to the needle.

Sterilising the needle to be disposed of and melting it into a safe sphere inside the product allows the waste to be disposed as non-hazardous rather than hazardous clinical waste with considerable cost savings.

NeedleSmart Product Range