Design Innovation

CAL has a fully integrated multi-discipline team, including IP registration, to deliver innovative solutions from pure mechanical engineering to complex multi system integrations

  • Modern design innovation is a creative process built on years of experience aligned with an up to date understanding of the latest systems and solutions. For pure mechanical design we have the ‘grey hairs’ but just as importantly we assess each new job as an integrated team so we can be as innovative in our options as we are in our solutions.
  • CAL International has the reach to include the most cutting edge technology options from around the world.

Design Innovation, engineering car parts for optimised performance | CAL International

Design Optimisation

Sometimes you just need a second opinion to perfect the design or maybe you need some additional value engineering CAL has a fully integrated multi-discipline team built on years of experience but also fluent in all of the latest systems and solutions. Our design ethos is based on the Full Life Time cost and performance so we use computer modelling, simulation and Finite Element Analysis to analyse all the conflicting parameters so that we can offer each client with a variety of options highlighting the benefits and constraints of each.

  • CAL has an excellent engineering pedigree and sometimes simply applying sound engineering principles can deliver remarkable results. Our New Product Introduction (NPI) Team have extensive experience in delivering solutions with an full life maintenance strategy.

  • The CAL team stays abreast of the latest technology that can be deployed to improve incumbent engineering solutions extending their life cycle and delivering clear ROI.

Design Optimisation, engineering solution to increase velocity, add functionality or just improve ROI | CAL International

Electronic Engineering

At CAL, we don’t accept the traditional boundaries between mechanical, electronic & software engineering. We look at our clients’ requirements and then design a solution using the best tools for the job. Our heritage is precision engineering and we are proud to be sector agnostic. We deliver excellent mechanical engineering solutions but with a modern perspective and so that means we invariably need to include electronic engineering to monitor, modify or manipulate the outcome.

As a modern integrated engineering provider, we do not stop there, as well as designed electronic engineering we deliver data that can be exploited using software engineering. A simple ‘App’ on your smartphone can now be used to monitor and control the most complex engineering solutions.

  • CAL provides a full electronics design service from concept to product including complete schematic design and production for multi-layer PCBs. We also offer a design optimisation service including the reverse engineering of legacy designs. As part of this service we include component selection and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) as well as the design of firmware and intermediary hardware.
  • Our software engineering team build desktop and mobile applications that are cloud based and that comply with all current IT security and GDPR regulations.

Production Management

CAL brings together complex projects with our broad network of national and international partners to deliver high technology solutions in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.  CAL has proven track record on New Product Introduction (NPI) and also has a number of innovation lab initiatives with local universities.

  • As a privately owned company we can agree innovative commercial contracts to spread CAPEX investment costs in accordance with your cashflow.

  • Our software development team ensure that all control applications are seamless integrated into the process workflow. We are strong advocates of Cloud Basing and mobile applications.
  • Our in house Intellectual Property rights legal team can help you get protection for innovative concepts.

Specialist Services

Our core speciality is excellent customer service, but here are some of the other areas we specialise in

Production Line Automation

CAL are industry leaders in robotic arm Production Line integration to improve accuracy, speed and reduce manpower costs.

Engineering App Development

There’s an App for that! Modern technology does not need to be a barrier, a simple app and cloud-based database will keep you in control of your operation wherever you are.

Pre-emptive Maintenance

CAL take Preventative Maintenance Scheduling to the next level by reverse engineering, optimising, cataloging and documenting your key components.

Finite Element
Analysis (FEA)

FEA is a core principle for CAL.  It is the computer based modelling of any physical component to identify strengths and weaknesses prior to investing in a prototype.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

CAL is proud to have a strong engineering pedigree and so the principles of developing, producing and sustaining a new product (NPI) are core to that philosophy.

Smart Lab Tech & MedTech

The latest addition to the MedTech world. CAL is a market leader in combining cloud based technology with an array of sensors (IOT) in order to increase bioscience applications efficiency & scale.

Automotive Design

We specilaise in Concept Level Consultancy providing additional specialist automotive design capacity at the exact moment you need it, reinforcing your Concept Design stage ensuring that your solutions are future proofed, and platform centric, rather than an expensive one off.

Life Safety Products

CAL has a long history in designing cutting edge PPE solutions as well as the more innovative wearable technologies such as breathing apparatus, military body armour and goggles.

Electronic Engineering & Design

Electronics Engineering sits at the heart of most modern engineering solutions and so CAL specialises in the design, firmware development and production of cutting edge Printed Circuit Boards to solve the most unique challenges.

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