CAL International is a modern engineering consultancy that combines high-quality traditional engineering principles with cutting edge technology to provide innovative solutions. Electronic engineering very often sits at the interface between the two and it is for this reason that we have such a strong electronics design and production division. The CAL electronic engineering division was raised to design and build our innovative Needlesmart product suite and so their skill set goes well beyond PCB design into embedded firmware programming, cable and component design and ultimately new product introduction (NPI)

CAL is a UK based engineering design company who can confidently offer a full turnkey solution for your product. However, central to our ethos is a client centric approach which means that we also offer the full suite of individual services from design through to product launch to help you solve electronic and design engineering challenges quickly and efficiently. We will bend our team around your requirement to help deliver your solution on your terms

With extensive experience in electronic engineering, as well as product design we can support in any part of your product development process from refining the initial concept, designing PCBs, firmware development through to production of the final product, including enclosure and cable design if required. Naturally, a comprehensive testing and certification programme underpins each step of the journey.

At CAL we believe in keeping things simple by cutting out the middlemen and putting you in direct contact with our engineers. With our simple, collaborative approach we can seamlessly support an ongoing design team to integrate new PCBs into an existing complex design or support you in developing a new concept from scratch.

  • Highly flexible and cost-effective electronic and software design
  • UK based design and build service – fast and easy to work with
  • Extensive experience across industrial and medical sectors
  • Digital & Analogue boards
  • Multilayer, flexible and bespoke PCBs
  • Extensive experience in New Product Introduction – we solve the whole problem!

Do you require an electronic engineering & design solution?

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