Long before the recent Coronavirus crisis, Personal Protective Equipment has been a key specialisation for CAL International as PPE has been mandated by UK Law under the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations dated 1992. These regulations state that employers must provide suitable PPE to employees if there is a risk to their health or safety that cannot be adequately controlled by other means (as determined by a risk assessment). Hence its been a major area of design focus for CAL for sometime

CAL International has extensive experience in the initial design and design optimisation of a broad range of PPE items including breathing apparatus, gowns, goggles, guard rails and guard screens. CAL International has both medically qualified and former UK Special Forces staff as part of their solution design team demonstrating the range of PPE solutions that the team engages in.

3M & Scott Safety

CAL provides Design Innovation and Design Optimisation services to provide direct design support to the 3M Personal Protective Equipment design and production team. As a major global supplier, especially during the recent Coronavirus Crisis, the scope and detail of these requirements have touched most areas of the CAL International service offering throughout this period.

Cal International can consistently be trusted to produce the highest quality of product on a budget and within a deadline. The team are highly experienced in what they do and never fail to produce innovative and reliable products. Cal never turn down a project idea; I would not look elsewhere for design and engineering work.

We design & develop Life Safety Products to the highest quality!

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